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Keb's Bazaar

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Keb's Bazaar

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I have an Etsy store with creative curiosities you can peruse, enjoy and of course buy. Woohoo!

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Keb's Bazaar


My collection of knowledge for the enjoyment of all the human family

Keb's Bazaar

Did You Know?

Keb is an acronym of my name which has become my name. Good times.

A designer by trade

My day job is a graphic designer/art director. I also do freelance and consulting.

Keb's Bazaar

Many Happy Customers

I do try to make all the peeps happy

excellent quality! thank you so much!



Over and beyond. Plus the packaging made me smile!



The quality of the stickers were great! legible not blurry, simply fantastic condition. Great care was taken for them not to get bent in the shipping! Bought them as a gift for my sister and she LOVED them!!!